Computer Technologies Committee

This committee deals with any matter of law or practice requiring specialist knowledge of information technology or relating to the IP protection of anything in the IT field, including topography protection. Particular issues relating to e-commerce and business methods will be considered in conjunction with the appropriate Committee, notably the Trade Marks and Patents Committees. They also provide relevant information for publication on the website.

Simon Davies (Chair)

Angela Anderson

Ralph Atkinson

Andrea Brewster

Coreena Brinck

Roger Burt

John Collins

Paul Cozens

Hugh Dunlop

Paula Edward

Nicholas Ferrar

Tim Frain

Robert Franks

Rachel Free

Toby Gosnall 

Peter Gray

Michael Harman

Sean Harte

Justin Hill

Glen (Harry) Hutchinson

Michael Jennings

Matthew Lawman

Richard Lawrence

Patrick Lloyd

Jason Pelly

Tracey Robertson

Ian Robinson

Scott Roberts

Edward Rolfe

Iain Russell

Dan Sharrock

Richard Turner

Helen Wallis