EPO LIAISON COMMITTEE  (reports through the Patents Committee)

To build improved ties with the EPO and with other bodies and interest groups who interact with the EPO and to use those ties to ensure effective response to legal and practice changes at the EPO as well as formulating proposals for other potential improvements to operation of the EPO at all levels.

Gwilym Roberts* (Chair)

Chris Benson

Jim Boff

John Brown

Roger Burt*

Julie Carlisle

Richard Davis

Liz Dawson

Matthew Dixon

Jenny Donald

Matthew Garner

Catriona Hammer*

Annabel Hector

Keith Hodkinson

Tim Jackson*

Edward Lyndon-Stanford

Chris Mercer*

Graeme McCallum

Bobby Mukherjee 

Alasdair Poore*

Scott Roberts

Tony Rollins

Jan Vleck

Simon Wright*

Annette Hegner (epi correspondent)
Sigmar Lampe (epi correspondent)
Gabriele Leissler-Gerstl
(epi correspondent)
Francis Leyder (epi correspondent)


EPLC continues to meet as a subset of PatCom as well as working offline via email. We continue to monitor EPO law changes and activities and recommend submissions at appropriate junctures. In some instances those go from EPLC, in others from relevant people for example from the President. Actions recently include input to the Tegernsee Consultations, preparation of commentary regarding Oral Proceeding amendments, consideration of submissions in relation to Amicus Brief (in conjunction with PatCom/Counsel – no action taken) and liaison with individuals at the EPO to obtain additional information regarding background of certain developments. Additionally we have strong links with IPO through the Chairman’s involvement with PPWG and we have been instrumental in advising IPO regarding various CPL proposals within the EPO, and the position that CIPA, at least, would like to take for example in relation to upcoming changes regarding application of notification period to electronic communications.