Patents Committee

Any matter of law or practice relating to protection of inventions, but not including matters within the remit of the Designs & Copyright Committee; including liaison with members of SACEPO and EPPC, and with representatives on British Focus Groups relating to patent matters. Provide relevant information for publication on the website.

Paul Andrews

Christopher Benson

Jim Boff

Andrea Brewster*

John Brown*

Roger Burt*

Donnacha Curley

Richard Davis

Elizabeth Dawson

Jenny Donald

Anna Duffus

Julia Florence*

Stuart Forrest

Matthew Garner

Amanda Gladwin 

Catriona Hammer*

Bill Illingworth-Law

Timothy Jackson* (Chair)

Stephen Jones*

Ross Kay 

Richard Lawrence
Catherine Mallalieu

Philip Martin

Graeme McCallum

Chris Mercer*

Alasdair Poore*

Handong Ran

John Reid

Christopher Rennie-Smith

Gwilym Roberts* (Deputy Chair)

Scott Roberts

Tony Rollins*

Matthew Rose

Vicki Salmon*

Darran Thacker

Andrew Thompson

Sarah Turp

Robert Weston

Martin Wharmby

Richard Wilding

Lucy Wojcik

Gordon Wright

Simon Wright*