Trade Marks Committee

Any matter of law or practice relating to trade marks, trade/business names, domain names and other business identifiers and their inter-relationships; any matter relating to unfair competition and involving trade marks or other business identifiers, e.g. (non-exclusively) lookalikes, passing-off, parallel imports, counterfeiting, and false trade descriptions. Provide relevant information for publication on the website.

Richard Ashmead

Jonathan Banford

 Michael Berkson

 Andrea Brewster

Michael Edenborough

Paul Harman

Keith Howick (Chair) 

Alicia Instone (provides Secretarial support) 

Terry Johnson

Michael Lindsey 

Mike Lynd

Richard Mair* (Vice-Chair)

Sophie Maughan 

Chris Mercer 

Aladair Poore*

Tracey Robertson 

Tony Rollins*

Alison Simons 

Katharine Stephens 

Jan Vleck 

Robert Weston