International Liaison Committee

Co-operation with sister institutes in countries outside Europe, including the organisation of meetings between delegates of this Institute with representatives of overseas bodies both in the UK and abroad. Provide relevant information for publication   on the website.

Julie Barrett-Major
Adrian Bennett
Jim Boff 
Carin Burchell
Daniel Chew
Clare Cornell (India Working Group Lead)  
Michael Ellis
Catriona Hammer*
Andy Harding
Richard Johnson
Nic Jones (South America Working Group Lead)
Ilya Kazi
Paul Kemp
Saiful Khan
Chong-Yee Khoo
Richard Mair* (Chairman)
Nicholas Malden
Robert McDougall
Alastair Neill
Nick Noble (China Working Group Lead)
Pawel Piotrowicz (Japan Working Group Lead)
James Pitchford
Alasdair Poore*
Handong Ran
Gwilym Roberts*
Aidan Robson
Tony Rollins* 
Kerry Tomlinson
Stephen Turner
Dick Waddington
Jan Walaski (South Korea Working Group Lead)
Michael Williams (North America Working Group Lead)
Simon Wright