Gwilym Roberts

Council Member


Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, Physics Degree

Professional Career: 

Started at Abel & Imray 1990 and moved to Kilburn & Strode 1995. Partner from 1998. Works in all areas of physics and IT/telecoms related patenting.

Services to the Institute:

Representative of CIPA at PPWG. Liaison with the EPO. Regular PatCom attendee. Member of Council. Author of a bunch of papers together with editing the Training Manual. Regular lecturer to the Informals and Chair of various educational sessions including both Oral Proceedings courses.

Other relevant information:

Founder of Kilburn & Strode’s Black IP’s band and of CIPA’s Battle of the Bands. Contributor to Queen May MSc and Certificate courses.

Election Address:

I’ve been a keen and enthusiastic contributor to CIPA for a long time and hope to continue in that vein. I’m proud of my involvement in the Patents Committee, both in contribution to the meetings but also in pushing forward a number of actions including strong liaison with the UK and European Patent Offices lobbying on points of law and practice. I also try to contribute to education and publication where possible and hope to continue that. CIPA’s role is sometimes underplayed by its members but I want to advertise my personal view of it being the guardian of the UK profession’s excellence, continuer of professional development and significant influential force on the IP scene internationally.

Attendance at Council meetings (June 2015 – April 2016):