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  • Amendment of Specifications Paper, by Tim Allsop


    £50 non-members - £40 members 

    +PP for outside the UK 

    With the first edition selling out in record time the CIPA FD3 Study Guide for the Amendment of Specifications Paper has been updated for 2017 to take account of recent changes to the Patents Rules relevant to the response candidates must give. The book includes marked up scripts from high scoring candidates from the 2015 paper, which in conjunction with the examiner's comments can be used by the reader to see what a good response really looks like.

    Price: £50.00
  • CIPA Journal special edition: Unified Patent Court and Unitary Patent

    £6.95 non-members - free to members
    +PP for outside the UK

    The first special edition of the CIPA Journal. The chosen theme is the Unified Patent Court (UPC). Once the UPC Agreement comes into force, it will arguably represent the biggest change to patent law in recent years.

    The journal addresses a broad range of topics, from the history of the creation of the UPC (by Mr Justice Richard Arnold), behind the scenes of the UPC Taskforce (by Janis Makarewich-Hall), financial implications of the unitary patent (by Jim Boff), to practical questions including representation rights in front of the UPC (by Vicki Salmon). The Journal includes many more articles on a variety of subject matter from basic facts about the new Court to technical issues.

    The journal will be a helpful guide for anyone interested in the UPC and wishing to be up to date to the preparation ahead of ratification.

    Price: £6.95
  • Designs and Copyright Training Manual (2008)
    Designs and Copyright Training Manual (2008)
    £75 +PP for outside the UK
    A manual designed to give a basic introduction to the law and practice relating to registered designs and unregistered design rights. At the time of writing, the most used form of design protection is the Community Registered Design, so the manual covers this in some detail. It also deals with registered designs in the UK, and more briefly with the International Registration system and unregistered design right. This manual also provides you with an introduction to literary and artistic copyright, mainly as it impacts on the work of patent and trade mark attorneys. Produced in conjunction with ITMA.
    Price: £75.00
  • £75 - non members

    The video of the mock trial before the Local Division of the Unified Patent Court in London on 14 October 2016 is now available to buy.

    The case tried was based on Improver Corporation v Remington Consumer Products which concerned a depilatory device, better known as the "Epilady" case.

    The question was: Will the UPC bring about harmonization?

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    Price: £75.00
  • European Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court
    £30 members; £35 non-members 
    +PP for outside the UK; softback 

    Written by Hugh Dunlop, this second edition includes a brief commentary on the structure, the legislation and the draft Rules of Procedure of the Court, in their 16th revision. Simple charts guide the reader through the procedures. The Regulations, Agreement and draft Rules are set out in their entirety and indexed, to provide a complete reference source. 
    Price: £35.00
  • Foundation Level Training Manual: The Principles of Trade Mark Law for Patents Candidates (2010)
    Foundation Level Training Manual: The Principles of Trade Mark Law for Patents Candidates (2010)
    £75 +PP for outside the UK
    This manual will give you a basic introduction to the law relating to trade marks in the UK, as well as the Community Trade Mark and the Madrid Protocol. The manual is designed primarily for those of you who are new to trade marks and who do not have day-to-day experience of a trade marks practice. We have designed the manual to help you to prepare for your examination on the principles of trade mark law that you need to pass in order to qualify as a UK patent attorney.
    Price: £75.00
  • Fundamentals of Patent Drafting (2006)
    Fundamentals of Patent Drafting (2006)

    £40 members; £60 non-members 
    hardback; +PP for outside the UK

    Drafting patents is the fundamental skill of the patent attorney, which affects every aspect of the life of the granted patent throughout the world. Written by Paul Cole, this book will assist those studying for both the UK and the European examinations and will also be of use to all practitioners in reminding them of drafting for successful prosecution and enforcement. UK patent attorneys have long held a reputation for their skill in drafting patent specifications and this book is intended ensure that these skills continue to enthral our clients and employers.

    Price: £60.00
  • Inside Intellectual Property
    Inside Intellectual Property

    £40 / £35 CIPA members 
    +PP for outside the UK; 

    This management text, written by Michael Jewess and published by the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, seeks to help intellectual property law practitioners relate law and legal practice to their clients’ business objectives. It is written for insiders by an insider who believes that the devil is often in the detail of which an outsider is unaware. Effecting a grand strategy may often depend on the details of a law, on the details of claim and agreement drafting, and even on what boxes (“fields”) are available on computer screens. A consequence of this perspective is, it is hoped, that the book will be of immediate practical value to practitioners, building on what they already know rather than imposing some external philosophy with unnecessary novel concepts.

    Price: £40.00