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Partner Designate, Electronics, London

Partner Designate, Electronics, London

This role is whatever you want to make of it (as long as it’s broadly within the scope of being a patent attorney, obviously). The firm understands that not everyone strives to be a ‘conventional Partner’ in a ‘conventional firm’ so are able to offer the flexibility for you to drive your career forward as you see it. Want to focus on marketing initiatives and building awareness of the firm by attending/speaking at events? That’s fine. Prefer to get your head down and concentrate on those specifications for one large multinational client? That’s fine too. Planning on spending your days choreographing the plight of the patent attorney through interpretative dance? That’s probably not going to fly, but they’ll fully support you doing that in your spare time. 

Posted date
September 2018
Pete Fellows or Phillipa Holland
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  • UK: London
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