Fundamentals of Patent Drafting

Published: 25 September 2006
By: Paul Cole

CIPA has recently published a new book on the art of drafting patents which is proving to be hugely popular.

Drafting patents is the fundamental skill of the patent attorney which affects every aspect of the life of the granted patent throughout the world.

Paul Cole has brought together the papers by past and present acknowledged expert patent attorneys and added many new chapters to the famed Micklethwait paper, the paper presented to the Institute on Workmate and others and presents a case study based on Windsurfer, all of which will be very familiar to many of us.

By bringing these papers together and adding new chapters which take account of the impact of many cases, UK, European and US, Paul reminds us of best practice in drafting and reminds us of some of the things which many of us forget from time to time.

This book will assist those studying for both the UK and the European examinations
and will be of use to all practitioners in reminding them of drafting for successful prosecution and enforcement.

UK patent attorneys have long held a reputation for their skill in drafting patent specifications and this book is intended to ensure that these skills continue to enthral our clients and employers.

To order your copy please e-mail the Institute for further details, or print the order form available here.
Book price: £40 CIPA Members; £60 Non-members (plus postage for outside the UK)


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