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The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys
Syllabi for 2017

Syllabi for 2017

A note from the FC2 examiner

A note from the FC4 examiner

The PEB Foundation Certificate Examinations

UK Patent Law - FC 1 (P1)

English Law - FC 2 (Law)

International Patent Law - FC 3 (P5)

Design and Copyright Law - FC 4 (D&C)

Trade Mark Law - FC 5 (P7)

The PEB Final Diploma Examinations

Advanced IP Law and Practice - FD 1 (P2)

Drafting of Specifications - FD 2 (P3)

Amendment of Specifications - FD 3 (P4)

Infringement and Validity - FD 4 (P6)

As you will know the Supreme Court has recently handed down its judgement in Actavis vs Lilly ([2017] USC 48). This is a landmark decision and, as such, will form the basis of all infringement analyses henceforth. However, as the decision was handed down less than 6 months before the date of the 2017 Final Diploma examinations it is NOT applicable to the 2017 FD4 exam. 

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PEB Litigation Skills Examinations

Litigation Skills Syllabus

Introductory Certificate in Patent Administration

Introductory Certificate in Patent Administration syllabus