Business Practice (a joint committee with ITMA)

A general purpose Committee concerned with how members do their jobs and how their businesses are organised, and thus including professional indemnity and other insurance matters; tax matters; data protection; intangible asset valuation; business aspects of multi-disciplinary partnership. Also this Committee acts as the liaison point for oversight of the activities of the Intellectual Property Administrators Group. Provide relevant information for publication on the website.

Matt Dixon*, Chair (CIPA)

Robert Ackroyd (CIPA)

Jane Attreed (CITMA)

Keven Bader (CITMA)

Keith Beresford (CIPA)

Paul Brandon (CIPA)

Linda Bray (CITMA) 

Andrea Brewster* (CIPA)

Carin Burchell (CITMA)

Roger Burt* (CIPA)

Richard Davis (CIPA)

Lee Davies (CIPA)

Gillian Deas (CITMA) 

Matthew Dixon (CIPA)

Ephry Eder (CIPA)

Lesley Evans (CIPA)

Simone Ferrara* (CIPA)

Julia Florence* (CIPA)

Mark Foreman (CITMA)

Michael Harrison (CIPA)    

Sean Hart (CIPA)

Annabel Hector (CIPA)

Keith Hodkinson (CIPA)

Neil Lampert (CIPA)

Martin Lipscombe (CIPA)

Alice Mastrovito (CITMA)

Chris Mercer* (CIPA)

Bobby Mukherjee* (CIPA)

Graham Murnane (CIPA)

Bev Ouzman (CIPA)

Alasdair Poore* (CIPA)

Maggie Ramage, (CITMA)

Gwilym Roberts* (CIPA)

Tony Rollins* (CIPA)

Vicki Salmon* (CIPA)

Andrew Serjeant (CITMA)

Margaret Tyler (CITMA)

Jan Vleck (CIPA)

Stuart Walker (CITMA)

John Wallace (CITMA)

Duncan Welch (CITMA)

Paul Wolff (CITMA)

Simon Wright (CIPA)