Textbooks & Publications Committee

  • Responsibility for all the internal and external publications of the Chartered Institute and for any publication using the name of the Institute;
  • in co-operation with other Committees, if appropriate, responsible (through the Publications Manager) for the logistics of internally-produced publications including the Journal, website, publicity materials and training manuals;
  • Responsibility for proposing and organising the writing of and the revision of training manuals and practitioners’ textbooks and securing the publication of such books or those using the Institute’s name to the benefit of the Institute and its members;
  • Responsibility for ensuring that any publications which the Institute is legally required to provide, or which Council shall from time to time direct, are published.
  • Provide relevant information for publication on the website.

William Jones (Chairman)

Robert Ackroyd*

Andrea Brewster*

John Brown

Roger Burt*

Rebecca Chambers

Paul Cole*

Richard Davis

Matthew Dixon

Keith Farwell

Bob Farwell

Simone Ferrara*

Julia Florence*

Richard Gallafent

Stephen Gilholm

David Gill 

Catriona Hammer*

Linda Harland

Michael Harrison

Sean Harte

Annabel Hector

Keith Hodkinson

Alicia Instone

Rob Jackson* (Chair Press & PR Committee)

Tim Jackson*

Colin Jones

Chris Mercer*

Bobby Mukherjee*

Bev Ouzman 

Alasdair Poore*

Gwilym Roberts* (Editorial Panel Patents Training Manual)

Tony Rollins*

Vicki Salmon*

Jan Vleck

Philip Walters (Editor PCT Handbook)

Alan White

Simon Wright*