Academic Liaison Committee

To provide contact with the academic community, including universities and academics, carrying out research and/or teaching in relation to intellectual property or in respect of which intellectual property has an impact with a view to providing a resource with professional and practical experience of intellectual property to inform, assist, review and contribute to such research (including research proposals, the conduct of research, and the results of research) and teaching with a view to strengthening the provision of robust and well-informed research and teaching in all fields of intellectual property, and the balanced evidence base for such research and policy development. This work will be carried out in co-operation with other Institute committees where appropriate.

Relevant academic areas could include the law and economics of intellectual property, business studies, sociology, politics, international development, as well as other areas relevant to intellectual property policy. Including:

  • Providing a point of contact for academics to identify IP professionals [in private practice and industry] who may be able to assist in developing ideas for research, and reviewing research proposals, providing background information, and assisting in providing materials and evidence which may be relevant to such research, and providing review resources for research results and papers.
  • Providing assistance in a basic grounding in the basic law and commercial application of intellectual property for those aiming to carry out research in the intellectual property field.
  • Providing or identifying speakers from the professions on areas of IP to the academic community involved in research and teaching in relation to the application and use of intellectual property, and on intellectual property policy.
  • Publishing the results of research within the professional IP community.

Andrea Brewster*

Roger Burt*

Paul Denerley 

Johanna Gibson

Catriona Hammer*

Chris Mercer*

David Musker

Robert Pitkethly

Alasdair Poore*

Julian Potter

Tony Rollins*

Ruth Soetendorp

Jan Vleck*

Simon Wright*