Group D - Qualification, Regulation & Discipline

Patent Examination Board (PEB)

For more details on the Patent Examination Board, please click here to see its website.

Regulatory Responses Committee

Preparing responses to consultations relating to regulatory matters, principally those issued by IPReg, the LSB and the Legal Ombudsman. 

Chris Mercer* (Chairman)

Bob Ackroyd*

Philip Barnes

Andrea Brewster*

Roger Burt*

John Brown

Matthew Dixon

Julie Fyles

Catriona Hammer*

Alasdair Poore*

Tony Rollins*

Vicki Salmon*

Bob Weston


Approved Regulator Forum

The Presidents of CIPA and ITMA, a non-Council member from each Institute (Huw Hallybone and Stephen Kinsey respectively).



Patent Regulation Board (PRB) and the Trade Mark Regulation Board (TRB)

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Note that PRB and TRB work together as the IP Regulation Board (IPReg)