Catriona Hammer

Council Member

There are two things that stand out from my career in IP so far: firstly, the talent of the people in this profession; and secondly how much the world in which we operate has changed. IP is in the spotlight more than ever before, which brings exciting opportunities and difficult challenges. I want CIPA to help its members to take advantage of those opportunities, for example by building on recent successes in IP policy and by enhancing our educational offerings. I also want CIPA to help us rise to the challenges by developing best practices in areas such as governance, compliance and diversity and by raising our profile globally. We have a great team in place at CIPA and we are building relationships externally, but there is still much more to do.

I chair CIPA's Exploitation Committee because I feel strongly that patent attorneys are ideally placed to advise on IP transactions and IP strategy and I want to raise our profile in this area.

I have many years of experience managing a global IP team and use this experience to help CIPA to move forward.

Qualifications :

Degree in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford and professional qualifications as a Chartered Patent Attorney and European Patent Attorney.

Services to the Institute:

Chair of Exploitation Committee and Member of Patents, Trade Marks, Litigation, International Liaison, Academic Liaison and Congress Steering Committees. President 2014-15, Vice President 2013-14 and previously Hon Sec.

Services to the Profession Outside of the Institute:

I previously served as an IP Federation Council Member and member of CBI IP Committee. Regular contributor to Congress and other IP Conferences.

Other Relevant Information:

I spend my holidays skiing, cycling or hiking. I also enjoy theatre, cinema, art galleries and shopping (fashion rather than groceries!) and I’m a reasonably regular member of a pub quiz team.

Attendance at Council meetings (June 2015 – April 2016):