Greg Iceton

Council Member


Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, BSc in Physics with Astrophysics.

Professional Career:

I began my career at the Munich office of Dehns in 2007, which was then Frank B. Dehn & Co. After nine years, I am still in the Munich office and am now an Associate at Dehns.

Services to the Institute:

I have always tried to be an active member of CIPA by attending events when I can. When I was at Queen Mary in London, I would attend the events at CIPA hall and be involved in the happy hours that were provided in London. Although I live in Munich, this has not stopped me from attending social events and I have also attended CIPA run seminars.

The amount of trainee patent attorneys (also members of CIPA) is increasing in Munich. A few of us here, therefore, decided to start a CIPA Munich group for all those members that cannot attend events in London regularly. The “unofficial” CIPA Munich group has been going on for a few years now and usually consists of us meeting in a local beer hall. I have been in contact with CIPA this year to see if we can make this a more official get-together, which resulted in a bowling evening (attended by 30 people).

Other Relevant Information:

I work closely with members of the EPI and EPO since I live and work in Munich. There is a huge presence of patent attorneys here in Munich (of all nationalities) and I do feel a big part of the patent community.

I very much enjoy attending the Oktoberfest with clients and visiting the Alps in the summer. Also, as Munich is a two hour flight from other countries, I am enjoying my new hobby – travelling to random places!

Election Address:

Although I work for a large UK firm, our Munich office is rather small – and I understand this to be the case for UK offices that have satellite offices here. This therefore can lead to a feeling of isolation from CIPA and the UK profession. I think it is important that trainee patent attorneys and registered patent attorneys feel included in the workings of CIPA – even if they are 950km away. If I am elected to Council, I think that this will help professionals in Munich feel as though they can discuss CIPA related issues without the need to travel to London.

Attendance at Council meetings (June 2015 – April 2016):