John brown

Council Member

I obtained a Chemistry Degree from Nottingham University and qualified as a Patent Attorney in 1969. I became a European Patent Attorney in 1977.

Professional Career
In 1972, I became a partner in what was then called Forrester Ketley & Co, now Forresters . Prior to retirement, I was senior partner of Forresters and joint senior partner of Forrester & Boehmert. I acted extensively before the European Patent Office, appearing at many Oral Proceedings before Examination Divisions, Opposition Divisions and Boards of Appeal. For a number of years, I was a member of SACEPO.

Services to the Institute
I have twice served as President of the Institute. I am a past member of the Council of the Institute, past chairman of the old Finance & House Committee, past chairman of the Patents Committee and currently chairman of the Congress Steering Committee. For many years, I was an examiner on the practice paper, then a member of the Joint Examination Board and thereafter chairman of the Joint Examination Board.

Other Relevant Information
I have extensive and continuing experience of representing the patent profession at national and international level, including liaison with and advising Government and international bodies and of chairing committees and events. I am chairman of the epi Harmonisation Committee and represent the Institute and epi at the Standing Committee on Patents at WIPO. I am Honorary Treasurer of the Society of Chemical Industry. I also have experience as a Trustee of other organisations.