Julia Florence


Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, BSc in Chemistry

Professional Career 

My professional life has been mainly spent in the pharmaceutical industry  - Glaxo, Wellcome, SmithKlineBeecham and for the past 14 years GlaxoSmithKline.  However, I’ve also had an interesting and  enjoyable taste of life in private practice, with four years at Kilburn & Strode.

Services to the Institute:  

I served on Council from 1996-99.   Although I would like to have continued at the time, the demands of three young sons and the day job took precedence.  The sons are now grown so I have some time back!

Other Relevant Information

I have been a member of the EQE committee for Paper D since 2010, and prior to that tutored for both the UK and European exams.  I have been a member of the APBI Patents committee since 2009.  I am also a member of the recently-formed Task Force on Diversity in the IP profession.

Election Address:  

It is clear that over the past few years CIPA has made increasing efforts to modernise and to be representative of the profession as a whole.  This has energised me to the point where I would like an opportunity to be part of this effort and to help drive it forward.  I have a particular interest in training and education, which are of course important planks in the future of our profession.   I believe it is essential to maintain the high standards for which the UK profession is known, via both the UK and European examinations, as well as continuing professional development.  I also believe we should encourage diversity of entrants and diversity of routes into the profession.  I do not see these aims as incompatible, indeed I think they are synergistic.   Obviously with my background I will, if elected, bring an industry perspective to Council, but I am married to a partner in a small private practice and so am well aware of the issues on that side of the profession too.

Attendance at Council Meetings: