Keith Loven

Council Member


Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, Chartered Trade Mark Attorney, BSc (Birm.) Chem Eng

Professional Career:

I joined Pollak, Mercer & Tench in 1973 on leaving university, and then worked in Foseco patent department in Birmingham before joining Eric Potter & Clarkson (as was) in Nottingham, qualifying with them in 1980. After a spell in private practice in London, I joined the patent department of GEC in Baddow, leaving there to set up my own practice in 1989, now based in Lincoln.

Services to Institute:

I have newly joined Council and hope to have the opportunity to make myself useful, having previously done no more than act as a tutor some years ago. Our profession faces some difficult challenges currently, and CIPA has a vital role in representing and advancing the members. Having benefitted over the years from membership, I felt it was about time I tried to give something back.