Paul Cole

Council Member

Honours, titles or designations:
M.A. (Oxon), C. Chem., M.R.I.C., C.P.A., E.P.A., M.I.T.M.A., visiting professor, Bournemouth University.

Election Address

Professional excellence is a key aim of CIPA and its members. It is easy to undervalue the Institute’s role in examination and training. A one-day tick-box qualifying examination without in-depth coverage of drafting and interpretation risks standards eroding and problematic claims reaching the appellate courts to the detriment of our profession and its clients. The importance of maintaining and strengthening the work of the Institute in these areas needs no elaboration.

There is no inconsistency between maintaining a private study route to qualification and strengthening and deepening our links with universities, where interest in IP has reached levels undreamed of by those who entered the profession in previous decades. Our reputation is enhanced by our publications, not only the CIPA Journal but also textbooks written by our members and published by CIPA and by established legal publishers. Strengthening of these activities and encouraging greater participation by our members is important, as also are our international links, especially with organizations such as AIPLA.

Refining our professional qualifications should be an on-going activity not least because of the issues created by the UPC before which the right to practice will be important. In that regard it may be helpful to provide more support for students in the two years or so between intermediate and final level examinations, and also to newly qualified members. If elected strengthening our activities in these areas will be a particular concern.

Professional Career

I joined J.A. Kemp & Co in 1968, spent brief periods at the International Wool Secretariat and at a firm of solicitors before returning to private practice, recently at Beresford & Co. and for the last 15 years as a partner at Lucas & Co.

My degree was in chemistry, but both my daily work and my writing activities have involved other disciplines. In reporting cases, one important decision may concern a high bypass turbofan aircraft engine, the next may involve UK patent-eligibility for software and the next may involve isolation of genetic sequences. A deep knowledge of particular specialist fields can be complimented by width of experience, and an understanding of both systematic and empirical research is helpful.

Services to the Institute

  • Lectures to the Informals.
  • Examiner, CIPA finals.
  • Helped to draft the CIPA Higher Courts Qualifying Regulations 2007
  • Edited Fundamentals of Patent Drafting
  • Contributes to and helps to edit the CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts.
  • Editorial panel, CIPA.

Services to the profession

  • Founded Intellectual Property Decisions, 1978
  • Articles in EIPR, IPQ and CIPA 1980-date.
  • Presented papers at conferences in the UK, US and Japan
  • Guest postings on the Patently-O and IP Watchdog blogs
  • Teaching at Bournemouth University

Attendance at Council Meetings: