Stephen Jones

CIPA Immediate Past President 


Chartered Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, Registered Trade Mark Attorney, European Trade Mark and Design Attorney, Solicitor-advocate, Patent Attorney Litigator, Accredited Mediator.

BSc. (Chemistry) Imperial College London 1977 and LLB (Law) University of London 1990.

Qualified patent attorney 1981 (Gill Prize, Final Examinations); solicitor 1991.

Professional Career:

Trained and qualified at Frank B. Dehn & Co (Dehns) and also worked in house as a patent attorney at ICI Pharmaceuticals (now AstraZeneca). Practised in IP law as patent attorney, trade mark attorney and solicitor at Linklaters, Boodle Hatfield, Allen & Overy and most recently for 13 years as a partner and 4 years as consultant with Baker & McKenzie. Retiring June 2016 and expecting to work as an independent consultant in the IP field.

I have done a wide mix of work throughout the IP field including prosecution, litigation and advisory and opinion work, covering patents, trade marks, designs and copyright.

I am a Visiting Professor at the University of Law (formerly the College of Law), a Visiting Lecturer at University College London, a Member of the Advisory Board of the Institute of Brand and Innovation Law and a tutor on the Intellectual Property Diploma Course of the University of Oxford. I am a Council Member of AIPPI UK.

Services to the Institute:

Currently a member of the Internal Governance Committee and Pro Bono Working Group.

Editor of The CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts 1999-2014. Sometime tutor for Final Examinations.

Former Member of the Trade Marks Committee, Patents Committee, Text Book Committee and Exploitation and General Laws Committee (Chair). I was one of the two first representatives of the Institute on the Trade Marks Registration Practice Working Group. Member of Council May 2009 to May 2015.

Other Relevant Information:

I have been for 10 years the chair of the Pro Bono Committee in Baker & McKenzie London. I have a keen interest in the field and contacts with several major charities and pro bono organisations. I am a trustee of a Legal Advice Centre in the East End of London and volunteer there on a regular basis to give advice and assistance to those unable to afford legal representation, usually in matters such as housing, consumer law and debt advice.

Election Address:

My career has seen me work in a range of capacities within the IP professions and I have practised in an unusually wide range of areas. This has given me a broad perspective on the field and the different branches of the professions. I am a firm believer in all those branches working together to provide the best service to our clients which should be our guiding principle.

Within that, the Institute needs to promote and represent the patent attorney profession as uniquely qualified in relation to the skills which distinguish patent attorneys from those other branches. I would hope to use my position within the Institute to promote further co-operation and collaboration within the professions for the benefit of all.

Having been involved in CSR and pro bono activities for several years I am keen to promote these activities within the patent attorney profession and am therefore pleased to have been asked to serve on the pro bono working group which is looking at setting up a scheme to assist litigants in person before IPEC, with the support of His Honour Judge Hacon. The group also involves representatives from the IPO, ITMA and the IPLA, and is working with the support of the Bar Pro Bono Group and the National Pro Bono Centre, so is a good example of the type of collaboration referred to.

Attendance at Council meetings (June 2015 – April 2016):