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Intellectual property is a valuable business asset and, as with other assets, you can obtain insurance to protect against financial risks associated with it. IP insurance may not be appropriate for every business, but it can have numerous benefits.

Providing insurance and advice on insurance is a regulated activity and patent attorneys are not generally qualified to give this advice. The UK Intellectual Property Office offers full guidance and information about the different types of IP insurance products available and what can be covered here.

We are pleased to provide the following list of IP insurance brokers, underwriters and group schemes but cannot offer any further advice or recommendations.


ADF Insurance Brokers Ltd


Tel No: 01902 424054

Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance info:

  •   Opinion Only Policy.
  •   IP Legal Expenses Cover (for both Pursuit and Defence).
  •   Comprehensive IP Package Solution (for both Pursuit and Defence costs, and Damages Awards).

Aon Risk Solutions


Tel No: + 44(0)20 7086 0852

William Kier – Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance info:

  • Aon provides insurance broker and risk management services to businesses.
  • The products and services are built around the clients’ needs and provided by professionals with extensive expertise in both their industries and local markets.
  • The client-focused approach leverages a global network of resources, industry- leading data and analytics and specialised expertise.

Cass-Stephens Insurances Ltd


Tel No: 01452 300888

James Cass – Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance info:

Cass-Stephens offer advice on a wide range of insurance products, our IP policy covers:

  • Defence costs and/or damages for intellectual property actions brought against you.
  • Assertion costs for intellectual property actions brought by you.
  • Assertion & defence costs may include expert’s fees.
  • Extensions of cover may include contractual disputes.

Crendon Insurance


Tel No: 0121 45 45 100

Natalee Bennett – Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance info:

Crendon Insurance are able to provide insurance on all elements of IP including:

  • Pursuit & Defence.
  • Pursuit Only.
  • Opinion Only.
  • Premiums very much reflect scope of cover required – all enquiries welcome.

Inventive Step Consultancy Ltd


Tel No: 01786 448333

IP Insurance info:

  • The product is available for the company’s IP including patents, trademarks, copyright and trade secrets. The policy covers damages or settlement awards.
  • The policy also provides cover for counterclaims, product recall and other loss mitigating measures (product underwritten by CFC Underwriting Ltd.).

La Playa


Tel No: +44 (0) 20 3865 0149

Hanna Beaumont – Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance info:

  • Legal costs of defending against infringement claims (patent, copyright, trademark, design, image, database, trade secret…).
  • Cost of pursuing an infringer of your IP.
  • Protection wherever your IP is registered, including North America.
  • Backed by expert underwriters with rock-solid financial strength.
  • La Playa’s PatentEnforcerTM is a cost effective insurance solution designed specifically for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to fund the substantial costs involved when enforcing their patent rights when they are being infringed.

Nsure Chartered Insurance Brokers


Tel No: 01903 525200

Phil Bristow – Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance info:

  • Nsure Chartered Insurance brokers offer commercial and business insurance services covering a wide range of industries. Products include Intellectual Property for: Trade Marks, Registered Designs, Patents, Copyright.

SafeGuard IP


Tel No: 0203 036 0551

David Bloom – Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance info:

Safeguard iP can advise on insuring all risks associated with intellectual property including:

  • The legal costs of enforcement and defence actions,
  • Damages,
  • Exposures under warranties and indemnities; and
  • IP invalidations, oppositions, title challenges.

Policies are available for businesses of all sizes from micro to multinationals.

Sagar Insurances


Tel No: + 44(0)1282 858278

Simon Whittaker – Email: [email protected]

John Meadows – Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance info:

  • In any business, intellectual property is one of your most valuable assets and protecting those assets can be both complex and expensive.
  • Sagar Insurances provide tailored cover to protect against the costs of enforcing or defending an infringement of your Intellectual Property rights.

Simon Whittaker has completed the IPO’s Master Class Course.

Sybaris Legal & IP


Tel No: +44(0)7906732108

Paul Wishart – Email: [email protected]

Ian Wishart – Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance info:

  • All IP can be insured, with solutions for new start-ups and SME’s to large corporates, with worldwide cover available.
  • Cover available under our own exclusive Sybaris Legal & IP Intellectual Property Pursuit and Defence Policy, or “open market” with London and Lloyd’s Market Insurers under their products, depending on your specific needs.
  • Standard cover available for defence, pursuit / enforcement, and contractual indemnities. Non-standard and bespoke solutions can be also be arranged.
  • For pre-existing IP disputes we can also offer IP After-the-Event (“ATE”) Insurance, with or without litigation funding options, from various specialist Insurers.
  • Sybaris Legal & IP is the IP-dedicated trading arm of independent Lloyd’s of London insurance brokers Sartorex Group Ltd, a provider of commercial insurance solutions, including IP insurance.


Ian Wishart is a Chartered Patent Attorney, and a former in-house Director of IP and Licensing at a FTSE 100 company. Paul Wishart has a law degree, studied IP electives, and has been a Lloyd’s broker for over 25 years.

The Judge


Tel No: 0845 257 6058

James Blick – Email: [email protected]

ATE insurance broking and litigation funding.

IP Insurance info:

  • We arrange bespoke litigation finance and ATE insurance for commercial disputes based solely on the client’s specific requirements.

Willis Towers Watson


Tel No: 01473 223273

Howard Phillips

IP Insurance info:

  • Willis arrange insurance policies for all types of Intellectual Property Rights:Trade Marks, Registered Designs, Patents, Copyright
  • Our clients range from small businesses to large corporations located across the world including pharmaceutical companies, technology companies, telecom organisations and companies involved in engineering and the oil and gas industry.

Insurers and Underwriters

CFC Underwriting Ltd


Tel No: 020 7220 8500

Email: [email protected]

IP blog:

Erik Alsegard, IP Practice Leader, Email: [email protected]

Maddi Brown, IP Underwriter, Email: [email protected]

Kristian Kolsaker, IP Underwriting Manager, Email: [email protected]

Oliver Hall, IP Assistant Underwriter, Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance Product info:

  • CFC’s standard IP insurance product, backed by Lloyd’s of London, targets SMEs across most sectors and offers worldwide cover for the defence and pursuit of infringement actions for allIP. It includes the legal costs of defending or pursuing a claim as well as damages or settlement awards.
  • It includes cover for any contractual indemnities to third parties, directors and officers cover, some cover for IP- related breach of contracts and employee disputes and cover for loss of profit or loss of IP rights as a consequence of IP infringement disputes.
  • Additional covers available for IP invalidations, oppositions, title challenges available to Micro Entities.

Liberty Specialty Markets


Tel No: +44 (0)20 3758 0000

Matthew Hogg – Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance info:

  • IP Infringement Insurance (modular policy) – Intellectual Property Defence, Intellectual Property Contractual Liability, Contractual Intellectual Property Disputes, D&O Intellectual Property Liability.
  • Intellectual Property Value Insurance (1st Party IP cover).

Markel Insurance


Tel No: 0345 351 2600

Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance Product info:

  • Policy is designed to pay the legal expenses of businesses that are in dispute about the ownership or infringement of their ownregistered Intellectual Property rights.
  • The policy is intended for small to medium sized businesses with patents, and/or trademarks and/or registered designs. It will enable them to pursue infringers or defend invalidity actions about their own Intellectual Property.

OPUS Underwriting Limited


Tel No: 02031 410821

IP Insurance info:

  • OPUS Sentry – aimed at all businesses, this product provides Infringement Liability cover.
  • OPUS Sabre – aimed at all businesses, this product provides Infringement Assertion cover.
  • OPUS Value – aimed at all businesses, this product provides Revenue Protection cover.
  • From June 2016 a Lloyds-backed, web-based policy called ‘Opus100’ is available for companies with a turnover of less than £5m. Quotes are provided instantaneously and the scope of cover and premiums are fixed. Cover includes (as standard): the costs of worldwide enforcement and defence actions, disputes under IP agreements, product recall costs and damages.

QBE European Operations


Tel No: 0207 105 4000

IP Insurance info:

  • QBE Sybaris Legal and IP Policy – developed in conjunction with Sybaris insurance brokers – covers defence and pursuit costs for IP, including patents, trademarks, copyright and registered deigns. Damages can be considered on referral.
  • QBE Professional Indemnity policies for Technology and Media companies – cover for claims made against our insureds by third parties losses arising out of IP in the course of the Insured’s ordinary business practices.

Tokio Marine Kiln


Tel No: +44 (0)20 7767 2279

Ian Lewis – Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance info:

Our intellectual property insurance is designed to protect an enterprise from the financial consequences of business interruption following an adverse court order, or an out of court settlement, and in particular:

  • Loss of profit from the inability to sell products or license IP.
  • Extra costs and expenses to work around to avoid a loss of net profit or licensing fees.
  • Various contractual liabilities relatingto business interruption.
  • We have a focus on an expanding range of assureds including, but not limited to, banks, pharmaceuticals, software companies, and technology companies.
  • Our maximum line size is USD25m./GBP15m.

Group Schemes

ACID IP Insured


Tel No: 0845 644 3617

Email: [email protected]

IP Insurance info:

  • ACID IP Insured for ACID Members works in conjunction with the ACID Design Databank.
  • Provides the means to enforce designrights through the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court in the English and Welsh Courts.
  • The limit of indemnity is £100,000 for any one claim, and in total per annum (The standard premium is only £899 plus Insurance Premium Tax).


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