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Examiner Vacancies – Marking Examiners

PEB Examiner vacancies for the Final Diploma Examinations

The Patent Examination Board has vacancies for the October 2020 Qualifying Examination papers as follows:

  • Marking Examiner – Final Diploma Examinations – All units


PEB Examination Committee comprises:

  1. Chief Examiners
  2. Principal Examiners
  3. Marking Examiners.

There is a Chief Examiner for Final Diploma Examinations. The Chief Examiner is also a Principal Examiner.

The Chief Examiner supervises and supports the setting of examination question papers and the marking of examination answer scripts by the Principal Examiners and any Marking Examiners.

Each Principal Examiner sets the examination question paper, marks examination answer scripts and supervises Marking Examiners.

Marking Examiners complete a standardisation of marking exercise on the particular question paper which they will mark, and then attend a face-to-face standardisation meeting.

The work will be carried out between October 2020 and January 2021. You will mark examination papers, submit marks and follow mark reconciliation processes.


  • £55 per script marked
  • £258 per day to attend meetings (pro rata where half day).

How to apply

If you are interested in applying, please send your CV with a short covering letter explaining why you would like to be considered as an examiner and stating which unit(s) you would be interested in marking.

Please submit your application (CV and covering email) to by Friday, 17 April 2020. Please also use this address if you have any queries about the role.

Thank you for your interest in this role.

Posted date
13 March - 17 April 2020
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The Patent Examination Board,
2nd Floor Halton House,
20 – 23 Holborn,
London EC1N 2JD