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Patent Formalities / IP Paralegal, Glasgow and/or remote working

If you’re considering moving jobs during a pandemic you might consider job security and corporate financial stability as being key (you don’t want to worry about being fired or made redundant). And that is entirely human and understandable. It shouldn’t be all you look for, even in circumstances where your current job is insecure or your employer financially unstable and especially if neither of those apply to your present situation. 

What we believe you need is a job that has much more to it than security and a rationale that applying now rather than waiting for all the bad weather to be over, makes sense. That’s what this job advertisement will be. It is an argument for why you should move and why you should do so now. 

A good sign of financial security is growth. If a firm has been growing recently then one would hope that this demonstrates a confidence born of healthy outcomes to date. And this may well have been true of many firms in the UK before the full impact of Covid-19 began to hit. Therefore, our second piece of evidence would be growth during lockdown. This role is newly created, and is required in part due to increased revenue generation despite lockdown. 

To be sure that success is not only good fortune, you, quite wisely, are likely wondering about the firm’s management. Well, the firm is relatively small but the firm’s leaders all have large practice experience in senior roles and have been successfully cultivating the development of this firm for the last decade. So, they absolutely know what makes firms of all sizes successful.

The firm is at a key point in its development, it has expanded by recruiting new fee earners and as consequence needs more people to support that. As the firm grows so will your role and being in at almost the beginning of the growth of this department, your department, means that the medium to long term opportunities are wide open as the function grows. The why now, is about the positive benefits of the current timing. An opportunity in the future may well not be what it is now, because you will be later to the party and will not be able to choose the best slice of cake. A role where you can, over time, define what it is and make it your own is always more compelling that one that has been defined for you, where you are repeating the tasks of your predecessor or line manager.

What do they want from you? The list of responsibilities is of those that you would expect from an IP formalities role. Administration support, establishing electronic files, letters, invoices, reports, schedules, preparation of documents for patent/design applications and corresponding with clients, suppliers and overseas associates. You can do the job already but they hope that in the future you will lead others who are doing the job as well.

So, I have convinced you. You’re ready to apply. Great! Before you do there is some experience that would be useful and some attributes that will help. We believe you will have worked in a similar role before. That means you will have at least two years’ experience in patent administration or an IP paralegal role but whether you have two years or twenty the position will be adjusted to fit. You will understand the patent process from GB/EP/WO filing, publication, grant, renewals, post grant European validations, and assignment recordals. You don’t need to have the CIPA Certificate in Patent Administration but if you do then that is handy. You will be able to work autonomously and efficiently, even more so if you are working remotely. An ideal scenario would be to find someone who can work out of the Glasgow office at least some of the time but if you can’t you will still be positively considered. Finally, the firm is small but its leaders are generous. In addition to flexible working they will ensure that you are very well remunerated and enjoy an array of other attractive benefits.

This is, quite simply, an excellent opportunity. One you should apply for now. You can do so by contacting Pete Fellows who is recruiting on behalf of this firm at pete.fellows@fellowsandassociates.com or by calling 020 7903 5019.

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17 July 2020
Glasgow and/or remote working
Pete Fellows
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Fellows and Associates
020 7903 5019
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  • Remote working