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Partner with Following, Chemistry, Manchester

Partner with Following, Chemistry, Manchester

Partner opportunities are rare, largely because of the nervousness of bringing someone into an organisation at a senior level at a significant cost. Many firms are risk averse and would rather recruit at associate level than take a chance on someone who would join the partnership immediately. When partnership positions do arise, there can be a significant catch; too many provisos, a last-ditch attempt to save a failing department or a desire to recruit a partner only if the decision to hire an individual is so obvious any firm would do it.

All that preamble is to justify that when we say this opportunity is rare, we are sincere (and we always are!). It is rare. 

This firm want someone who can build and grow their chemistry practice in Manchester. They are a firm you will heard of and they have an excellent profile but they feel at present there is work to be done in the North West and the office requires someone who has the appetite to lead a department as it grows and build it in the meantime. You will be able to develop an operation where you can really see your ideas come to life, capitalise on old connections and pursue technical interests. 

For their part, they would like you to be able to demonstrate some credentials to aid the project, that’s most likely to be a client following but that absolutely doesn’t mean you need to be turning a profit from day one. If you can bring a portfolio that covers some of your costs that will be a strong basis for a discussion. Indeed, if you have a significant contact base without a client following that may well also be a viable. In return the firm would expect you to join them as a Partner - you put your faith in them and they will put their faith in you. 

The firm are open minded as to where you are based currently and would do their best to help facilitate a move to Manchester. This could, in the short term, involve working out of another office whilst you organise the move.

We understand that these moves are unusual and it can be at least a little daunting changing firms at any time in your career but particularly if you had expected, as a current Partner, to not move again. Therefore, we would always welcome an informal conversation in the first instance to see if moving positions might be for you before you commit to a meeting with our client.

Contact us via email to contact@fellowsandassociates.com or speak to Pete Fellows on 020 7903 5019.

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December 2019 - January 2020
Pete Fellows
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