The Register of Patent Attorneys

Since 1 January 2010, when the Legal Services Act 2007 entered into force, the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys has been the "Approved Regulator" for the patent attorney profession, but it has been required to separate the regulatory functions from the representative functions. It has done this by setting up an independent Patent Regulation Board, which acts with the Trade Mark Regulation Board (similarly set up by the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys) as the Intellectual Property Regulation Board (IPReg) as the regulator of both the patent attorney and the trade mark attorney professions.

The Register can now be found on the IPReg website(here).

The Register should include the names of all those who are entered on it, both those working in industrial companies and those in private practice. However, only those patent attorneys in private practice will be free to provide a service to the general public. Of more use in finding a patent attorney to represent you will be the CIPA Directory of Chartered Patent Attorneys. This is a searchable database of private practice firms in which the firms are listed by their geographical location.