Why we oppose raising the bar for entry to the European Qualifying Examination

A proposal has been made to raise the bar for entry to the European Qualifying Examination from a three-year degree to a four-year course (e.g. a Master’s degree).

CIPA opposes this move on various grounds, not least of which is that we believe such a move would needlessly exclude large swathes of potential recruits to the profession right across Europe. We also do not believe that there is any proven problem with the status quo and feel that decisions about the suitability and qualifications of applicants are best left to employers.

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the European Patent Institute has published an article opposing this proposal.

CIPA has written to the epi D&I Committee offering our full support. Our letter can be downloaded below. The original proposal can be viewed here.

Letter from CIPA to epi D&I Committee

CIPA President Daniel Chew offers the institute's support to the epi D&I Committee in its opposition to proposals to raise the entry requirement to sit the European Qualifying Exams from a 3-year degree to a 4-year degree.

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