PEB Final Diploma Examinations – 2025 Revised Examinations

Notice for PEB Final Diploma Candidates

PEB Final Diploma Examinations – Revised Examinations

The Patent Examination Boad (PEB) submitted its application for re-accreditation of the Final Diploma (FD) to the Intellectual Property Regulator (IPReg) in 2022. IPReg re-accredited the FD examinations subject to PEB meeting 19 requirements and two recommendations. As a result, the PEB has carried out a full review of all four FD examinations.

The review has taken into account IPReg’s requirements and recommendations, as well as the recommendations of the Mercer Review.

The PEB will conduct a consultation on the new examinations in July 2024.

New syllabi for all four FD units will be published on the PEB website in late September 2024. The PEB will also publish specimen question papers and mark schemes.

There will be an opportunity to provide feedback to the PEB when the syllabi, specimen question papers and mark schemes are published.

The new syllabi will be examined for the first time in October 2025.

The October 2024 examination session will be the last time that the current FD syllabi will be examined. After this session there will be no further opportunities to take the FD examinations in the current format.

There will be no changes to the Foundation Certificate examinations in 2025.

Candidates and training leads should refer to the PEB website for up-to-date information on the new FD examinations.


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