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Arrangements for October 2022 Qualifying Examinations

The PEB Governance Board is very conscious that prospective candidates are anxious to know what arrangements will be put in place for the 2022 examinations.

PEB has gained extensive experience of delivering online examinations over the previous two sessions. A full review of the 2021 examinations has been carried out. Consideration of the feedback from candidates formed a major part of that review. In determining the arrangements for 2022, PEB has sought to simplify requirements and ease the difficulties experienced by some candidates.

The PEB Governance Board has, therefore, decided that arrangements for the 2022 examination session should be as set out below.

The PEBX online examination system

PEBX will again be the means by which candidates access the Question Paper and Answer document and upload their completed answers for marking.

PEB will continue to work with its contractors to make improvements to PEBX.


In determining the most appropriate arrangements for supervising candidates sitting the Qualifying Examinations, PEB has had to balance its aim of placing candidates’ interests first against the need to maintain the security and integrity of the examinations and the confidence of the profession.

Foundation Certificate examinations – ProctorExam

Foundation Certificate examinations broadly assess candidates’ knowledge and understanding.

The review of the 2021 examinations showed that relatively few problems relating to the proctoring system arose during the Foundation examinations. The problems reported to PEB related to internet or phone disconnection.

The 2022 Foundation Certificate examinations, therefore, will be proctored by the ProctorExam system. However, candidates will not be required to use a mobile phone or similar device as a second camera. Monitoring of candidates will be by means of the computer webcam and the computer screen.

Final Diploma examinations

Final Diploma examinations broadly assess professional competence and analytical skills.

The nature of Final Diploma examinations is different from Foundation Certificate examinations and there is less scope for malpractice. The PEB GB has, therefore, concluded that a different approach should be taken to invigilation of Finals examinations.

The 2022 Final Diploma examinations will, therefore, be invigilated by PEB-trained invigilators using Zoom.

Preparing for your examinations

You will be able to practise on the online examination system during September 2022. Trial examinations will take place during weeks beginning 12 September and 19 September. Exact dates will be issued when they have been agreed with the PEB’s contractors.

So that you can make best use of the time scheduled for testing, you may find it helpful to make sure before September that your equipment will be suitable and to consider whether you will need to upgrade or replace anything. All information available about expected IT requirements will be set out in the Qualifying Examinations Pre-Registration Information document.

Examination Location

PEB recommends that candidates take their examinations at their home or other private address.

Requests for location changes made after the September trial examinations can only be considered and processed in exceptional circumstances.

Further Information

Pre-Registration Information will be released before registration opens on Monday 27 June 2022.

As in previous online examination sessions, Essential Information for Candidates, Technical Requirements and Guidance, and FAQs will be published as early as possible on the PEB website here


PEB Governance Board

14 June 2022

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