Obituary - Tim Roberts

Published: 21 April, 2018

Tim Roberts, long-serving CIPA council member and twice CIPA President, has died aged 80. 

Tim, who was an international expert on plant genetics and a consultant at Brookes Batchelor LLP, qualified as a patent attorney in 1964 and became Head of the Patents at ICI subsidiary Plant Protection Limited in 1966 and then Patents Manager of the ICI Plant Protection Division.

He went on to become Intellectual property manager at Zeneca Seeds and Associate at Kursheed Khan and Associates, Karachi.

He lectured in five continents on behalf of CIPA, WIPO, WTO and others on biotech patents and plant variety rights and authored many influential papers and published articles. He also edited the European Patents Handbook.

Tim was CIPA President in 2001-2 and again in 2011-12 and served on CIPA Council from 1994. He was a member of a number of CIPA Committees and a leading member of the Life Sciences Committee. 

Other organisations benefitted from Tim’s vast knowledge, wisdom and generosity. For example, he served on the Biotech Committees of TMPDF (now IP Federation), as International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Intellectual Property Commission Rapporteur and on IP Working Parties of the British Society of Plant Breeders, the International Seed Federation and the Green Industry Biotechnology Platform.

CIPA Chief Executive Lee Davies described Tim as “a gentleman and an amazing patent attorney” who had supported him personally and been a big influence on his career at CIPA.

The thoughts of all at CIPA are with Tim's widow Dominica and his family.

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