Educating the Client 2019 - Webinar

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Educating the Client 2019 - Webinar
Start date Thursday, October 24, 2019 12:30 PM
End date Thursday, October 24, 2019 01:30 PM
Price Non Member £72.00 (Includes £12.00 VAT)
Member £48.00 (Includes £8.00 VAT)

Webinar Information: 

The IP practitioner is only too familiar with lay clients who possess a weak grasp of even the most basic IP law, despite frequent dealings with the practitioner through routine casework.  Even fellow lawyers such the client’s in-house general commercial solicitor can find IP law challenging.  This is bad both for the client side and for the IP practitioner, because it can lead to the client’s failing to seek timely advice, in which case the client gets poorer value for money from the practitioner and becomes disillusioned.  Providing IP awareness training sessions to clients seems to be better than expecting clients to learn through routine casework.  In this webinar, by use of actual target audiences as examples, it is suggested that an audience-focused approach (eg “legal-light” in the case of lay clients) allows such sessions to pay off not only for the client but also for the practitioner, who in general will not be charging for such sessions.

Speaker Information: 

Dr Michael Jewess is a UK Chartered Patent Attorney and a European Patent Attorney. From 1988 to 2009, he headed successively the IP departments of Metal Box plc, CMB Packaging SA, British Telecommunications plc, and BAE Systems plc, responsible for patents, trade marks, and agreements, having previously worked in private practice and in the chemical industry.  His book Inside intellectual property – best practice in intellectual property law, management, and strategy (CIPA, London, autumn 2013) covers a similar range and was described by one reviewer as “a ‘must-have’ for all IP practitioners of whatever nationality and wherever they practise worldwide”.  

He has also been President of the IP Federation and has worked on CIPA committees.