Why do I need a Chartered Patent Attorney?

If you come up with an idea that no one has had before, it could be valuable. You’ll want to make sure that somebody else doesn’t commercialise it before you. This is where a Chartered Patent Attorney comes in.

What do they do?

Chartered Patent Attorneys are highly-qualified legal experts who specialise in protecting and defending your intellectual property (IP). They also have qualifications in science, technology or engineering, enabling them to understand extremely technical and specialised innovations. They can guide you through your journey from early development of an idea through patenting and registering a trade mark to product commercialisation. They can also advise you on IP strategy in different market sectors or territories. 

That is why inventors, entrepreneurs and creative businesses consider patent attorneys as trusted members of their development teams. They bring a specialist knowledge and skill set that cannot be replicated by other advisors.

What value do they bring?

A Chartered Patent Attorney can help your enterprise thrive over the long term. For example, they can provide guidance on attracting investment, advise on the speed and scale of your product development and help you open new income streams through licensing your IP. 

The UK leads the world in this area of law, so you can relax in the knowledge that a UK qualified Chartered Patent Attorney is protecting your ideas and the future of your business.

Why is ‘Chartered’ status important?

Simply put, Chartered Patent Attorneys (CPAs) have attained the highest standards of professional practice in intellectual property law. They will help you secure the correct protection and will provide you with the most informed and reliable business advice. 

CPAs are Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys – the UK’s largest IP membership body. Our members have a global reputation for exceptional quality which we help them to maintain via an extensive programme of continuing professional development (CPD).

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