Co-Published Titles

As well as the titles available for sale via the Shop, CIPA also publishes seven practitioner works in partnership with Sweet & Maxwell.

CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts [The Black Book]

The CIPA Guide to the Patents Acts brings together the expertise of over 30 highly respected professionals including patent attorneys, solicitors and members of the Bar, all individually selected for their expert knowledge. The 9th edition and the First Supplement thereto is an essential tool for any practitioner advising on patents. This must-have guide gives you all the tools you need to protect the rights of your clients.

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Patent Cooperation Treaty Handbook

The Patent Cooperation Treaty Handbook provides detailed coverage of the procedures for international applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, plus the general principle of national stages. It includes introductory background material on the PCT, putting it into context in the overall picture of patent practice and assessing the commercial value of the procedure.

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European Patents Handbook

An official handbook from the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, the European Patents Handbook is your definitive guide to patents, with practical assistance for handling every aspect of European patent procedures. It discusses all aspects of a patent from the application process to the granting of a patent, looks at areas of dispute in patent law and analyses

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European Patents Sourcefinder

An essential element of successfully handling European patents is locating and accessing the vast amount of material emanating from the European Patent Office, national courts and patent offices. The European Patents Sourcefinder has been designed for exactly this purpose, containing over 2,000 fully indexed references, with summaries, as well as the most important material with a bearing on European Patent Convention Law, practice and procedure.

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The CITMA and CIPA European Trade Mark Handbook

This two-volume looseleaf is updated twice a year to provide you with everything you need to know about the European Union trade mark system. The encyclopaedic approach details the entire process of obtaining a European Union trade mark from start to finish, with full analysis of EUIPO case law and legislation to ensure that you are always current with the latest changes.

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The CITMA and CIPA Trade Mark Handbook

The CITMA & CIPA Trade Mark Handbook is your definitive guide to trade mark law and practice. It describes in detail how to register and protect a trade mark and also addresses key issues such as renewal and restoration, licensing, competition law and more. It even explores relevant aspects of European and international law to provide a comprehensive view.

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The CITMA and CIPA Community Designs Handbook

Adopting a “how-to” approach to the subject, the CITMA & CIPA Community Designs Handbook guides you methodically through all the various stages of registering a Community Design. Its practical focus covers every angle and the commentary is supported by procedural checklists and case studies to aid understanding and compliance.

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