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IP and Sustainability

How patents are helping us move beyond plastic packaging

It is estimated that 600 billion plastic bottles are used globally each year, with about 80% ending up in landfills and another 8 million tons of them polluting our oceans. Every year in the UK alone, nearly 16 million plastic bottles are thrown away and not recycled. Scott Winston and his company Pulpex are tackling this massive environmental problem by making a biodegradable fibre drinks bottle from sustainably-sourced wood pulp. He is working with UK Chartered Patent Attorney Rick Gordon-Brown to protect his environmental innovations.

Together, they are revolutionising the drinking bottle industry and moving us all towards a world beyond plastic packaging.

00:31 The recycling recovery rates of plastic bottles compared to fibre

01:08 The importance of protecting Pulpex’s ideas and investment with patents

01:26 The business benefits of a patent

01:54 How patents can help secure investment

02:03 Scott explains the importance of patents for Pulpex

02:29 What to consider when choosing a patent attorney Free patent resources and free Patent Pack download:…

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