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IP and Sustainability

Patenting waste to energy for a world beyond fossil fuels

Kamal Kalsi is a wizard with waste. He can take mixed unrecyclable waste residues and turn them into a valuable energy source.

His company, KEW Technology, is using this amazing patented cleantech to reinvent waste to energy and take us to a world beyond Net Zero.

Kamal, his colleague Amna Bezanty, KEW’s Head of Sustainability, ESG and Policy, and their UK Chartered Patent Attorney, Stuart Rowland, explain the importance of patents to protecting and expanding this revolutionary technology.

00:30 What is KEW’s technology and how can it help the planet?

01:03 “This is a technology that allows you to recycle…chemically.”

01:35 How a patent attorney has helped

01:55 What a patent attorney looks for

02:08 How patents help KEW to secure investment and grow

02:41 Why it’s important to protect your investment

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