Monday 1 June

Artificial Intelligence, Inventorship and the Patent System

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Start: Monday 1 June 2020, 12:30 PM

End: Monday 1 June 2020, 01:30 PM

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The rapid growth and adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) raises a number of different issues for the patent system, and more generally for intellectual property rights as a whole.  One area of particular controversy is inventorship.  As the law is currently applied by the IPO and the EPO, a patent application requires the identification of at least one human inventor.  In this webinar we look at potential problems with the present approach, and review suggestions for a way forward from both a legal and practical perspective.  The webinar ties in with other recent CIPA activity relating to AI, including a CIPA discussion paper concerning key issues and submissions to a WIPO consultation.


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Simon Davies, Chair of Computer Technology Committee and Director Altair IP

Simon Davies, Chair of Computer Technology Committee and Director Altair IP

Simon is chair of the CIPA computer technology committee and a director of Altair IP.  He has many years of experience working across the full spectrum of computing and has also performed research in electrical engineering and high energy astrophysics.  He started his career as a patent attorney with IBM and was a partner for many years at D Young & Co LLP.

Rachel Free, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP

Rachel Free, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP

Dr Rachel Free is a partner and UK / European patent attorney in the London Office Intellectual Property department. Rachel uses her technical background in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, software and telecommunications to assist clients protect their technology through patents in this complex and changing area of patent law. She uses her in-house experience to help clients with patent harvesting and identifying inventions as well as with drafting patent applications suitable for prosecution in many jurisdictions including the US and Europe. She represents clients in oral proceedings at the European and UK patent offices.

Rachel has patent experience in a range of technical fields including neural networks, data centre storage, multi-core systems, cryptography, programming languages, information retrieval, machine learning, quantum computing, internet of things, time of flight cameras, natural user interface technology, image processing, infra-red sensors, wireless communications, voice over internet protocol, video codecs, cloud computing technology, mobile phone antennas, software and telecommunications.

Rachel is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) and a member of its Computer Technology Committee. She has lectured for CIPA and acted as an Examiner for CIPA.

Coreena Brinck, Two IP

Coreena Brinck, Two IP

Patenting computer-implemented technology raises lots of challenges and when seeking patent protection for Artificial Intelligence inventions, whether it is core or applied technology, there are often additional hurdles to overcome if a patent is to be granted.  I’ll be talking about how some of these challenges differ depending on the type of AI, and why this makes core AI and artificial general intelligence, AGI, sometimes so much more challenging to protect, both from an in-house and outside counsel perspective.  I’ll also explain why I’m interested to see how recent UK case law will affect the outlook for patenting artificial neural network ANN implemented inventions in the UK and will be sharing some insights about what makes this such a fascinating area to work with from an IP perspective generally.  Finally, as well as sharing some tips and tricks for drafting and prosecuting patents in this space, I’ll be sharing some anecdotes from what it is like to take over an AGI patent portfolio from an in-house perspective.  You won’t need to be an expert in patenting AI to enjoy this talk, but if you are, hopefully you’ll find it equally fascinating.  If you have any questions or topics you’d like to be sure I will cover please do email me in advance at [email protected] or contact me via LinkedIn

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Artificial Intelligence, Inventorship and the Patent System

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