Tuesday 12 September

Fintech – IP trends and current experiences

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Start: Tuesday 12 September 2023, 12:30 PM

End: Tuesday 12 September 2023, 01:30 PM

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The hot topic of Fintech and IP will be explored from an in-house perspective with parallel commentary from those protecting these inventions. This webinar will explore the business of finance and the regulatory aspects. Challenges to patenting in this area will be considered as well as highlighting new trends and opportunities in open banking and current research areas as cryptography. We will present some successes and some recent observations. Discussions for reflection is welcome.


Additional Questions & Answers

Q:            Is there anything in an EP drafted application that you would perhaps consider

doing differently when filing in other big markets (US or China)?

A: Not that springs to mind, as we said at the webinar increasingly there is convergence in some areas of assessment of inventions in this area. I would take care and likely ask for any country specific advice (for example including details that show integration of an idea into a practical application (test at the USPTO) for proceeding in the USA).


Q: Do you think fintech start-ups are under-utilising patents due to lack of knowledge

of the patent system, or a belief they cant get patents, and what can be done about it?


A: Start ups are often limited by funds – I would think that this would be a major factor rather than a lack of understanding. Sometimes too by not having sufficient detail /execution for a fully supported patent application. Education of the benefits of patent protection and the value of ‘patent pending’ status can be one step to improve any lack of understanding, if indeed it was the case that there was a lack of understanding.



Catherine Bonner, Murgitroyd

Catherine Bonner, Murgitroyd

Catherine Bonner files and prosecutes patent and design applications across a wide range of mechanical engineering and physics-based subject matter, including medical technologies, telecommunications, photonics, high speed devices, switches and quantum technologies including encryption, electronics, fintech, software, gaming equipment and systems, fibre optics and cybersecurity.

Working with a broad range of clients including early-stage companies, SMEs and multinational corporations, Catherine also provides advice on invention harvesting, product clearance and the commercial management of IP rights, in addition to industrial designs.

Having graduated from St Andrews University with a Physics degree, Catherine went on to complete a PhD at the Optoelectronics Research Centre (University of Southampton). Her PhD research related to planar waveguide devices.

After entering the profession in 1999 and spending many years in private practice, Catherine joined Murgitroyd in 2019 following the acquisition of Chapman IP. Prior to joining Chapman IP, Catherine spent three years as a patent attorney in the intellectual property division of Dyson Technology.

A tutor within the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys’ tutorial programme, Catherine is one of the authors of the CIPA training manual for trainee patent attorneys. She regularly lectures on intellectual property law at both the University of Southampton and University of Reading.

Adeline Fleming, Mastercard

Adeline Fleming, Mastercard

Adeline-Fleur Fleming is a Senior Managing Counsel at Mastercard heading the IP team in Europe and a member of the Mastercard European Legal Leadership team. As part of her practice, Adeline handles a mixture of patent, trademark, litigation, M&A and soft IP matters. Prior to joining the Mastercard group, Adeline was a Senior Patent Attorney at Arm. Adeline qualified as a European Patent Attorney at Page, White and Farrer a specialist Patent and Trademark law firm based in London, she has a Master’s Degree in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford.

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Fintech – IP trends and current experiences

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