Friday 10 June

The EQE reimagined – where have papers A to D gone?

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Start: Friday 10 June 2022, 12:30 PM

End: Friday 10 June 2022, 01:30 PM

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Since the online e-EQE was launched in 2021, the EPO and epi have been jointly working on a proposal for a new framework for the EQE and the details are now available on the EPO website.

The proposed framework is a competences-based system which as explained on the EPO website builds on the existing EQE to bring it closer to today’s profession, adjust it to the digital environment, refine the approach to evaluation and ensure the highest quality standards.  When you delve into the detail, you can see that the proposed framework has some significant differences from the current system.

For example, there will still be four finals examinations but the titles and content of these modules looks very different to the current finals papers A to D. There is also a suggestion that these four modules could be tackled more gradually over a two year period rather than the current tradition of sitting all four together. Moving the examination to a digital platform permits methods of testing which are not available in a paper based examination, and some of these are used in the example examination papers which are available via Wiseflow.


This webinar will explain the detail of new proposal and example papers as well as give some background on the work involved in preparing them.  It would be helpful, but not essential, for those attending the webinar to have tested the example papers on Wiseflow.  There will also be some time for questions and discussion to facilitate those wishing to give feedback in the consultation which runs until 15 July 2022. Depending on the outcome of this consultation, the EPO has indicated that a fully-fledged reform of the Regulation on the European qualifying examination (REE) and its implementing provisions (IPREE) will follow. The year in which the changes will take effect has not been confirmed but the EQE 2023 will be conducted under the current regulations.


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Julia Gwilt, Appleyard Lees

Julia Gwilt, Appleyard Lees

Julia Gwilt is a partner at Appleyard Lees and specialises in software inventions.

She has had a passion for training for over 15 years.  As one of the patent attorney members who established the Patent Examination Board (PEB), she oversaw the UK professional examinations for over six years until her term ended in 2020.  She is now chair of the epi Profession Education Committee which oversees training and other aspects of the EQE for trainee European patent attorneys.  Several members of the PEC have been heavily involved in the proposal for a new digital EQE.

Tiem Reijns, Unilever

Tiem Reijns, Unilever

Tiem Reijns is Head of Patents for Unilever’s Home Care Division, specialised in Chemistry and Biotech, and current President of the Netherlands Patent Institute.

Tiem has contributed to high standard patent qualification exams both in The Netherlands and for the EQE in various capacities and for various papers since 2008. Tiem is currently chairman of Examination Committee III, entrusted with Paper D of the EQE and member of the Examination Board. For the last 2 years, Tiem has been involved as epi delegate to the joint EPO and epi e:EQE Working Group, which was given the task to make sure that no more exams would be cancelled due to Covid and to prepare a New EQE that is suitable for online examination in the decades to come.

Petra Pecharova, Murgitroyd

Petra Pecharova, Murgitroyd

Petra Pecharová studied physics at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. She began her IP career in 2011 in a regional branch of one of the biggest French IP law firms. After qualifying as a European patent attorney, she moved to the UK where she continues to work as a European Patent Attorney.

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The EQE reimagined – where have papers A to D gone?

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