Thursday 10 February

The UPC – to be or not to be?

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Start: Thursday 10 February 2022, 12:30 PM

End: Thursday 10 February 2022, 01:30 PM

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The UPC is back on the table this year.  Some suggest that it will start this year, but others still doubt that it will ever come into being.

Having been on hold since the UK voted in June 2016 to leave the EU, we have seen the profession lobby to stay in (including through obtaining Counsels’ opinion), and then receive the UK Government’s decision to withdraw in July 2020.  The UPC has also been held by German constitutional issues, which have now been resolved.

With the timetable still in the air and many questions still to be answered, this webinar will serve as an introduction to the two elements of the system for those who have not yet learned about it and as a refresher for those who have not looked at the topic for the last 5½  years.

Julia Gwilt will speak about the Unitary Patent Regulation and how and when to obtain unitary patents (or not).

Vicki Salmon will speak about the Unified Patent Court Agreement and the impact of that on patents granted by the EPO, whether in unified form or not.

This is just the start of training what will be required at various levels as the UPC comes into effect.  Please feed in your requests for the training you would like to see as we move forward.




Julia Gwilt, Appleyard Lees

Julia Gwilt, Appleyard Lees

Julia Gwilt is a partner at Appleyard Lees and specialises in software inventions.

She has had a passion for training for over 15 years.  As one of the patent attorney members who established the Patent Examination Board (PEB), she oversaw the UK professional examinations for over six years until her term ended in 2020.  She is now chair of the epi Profession Education Committee which oversees training and other aspects of the EQE for trainee European patent attorneys.  Several members of the PEC have been heavily involved in the proposal for a new digital EQE.

Vicki Salmon, Impact IP

Vicki Salmon, Impact IP

Vicki Salmon is a solicitor and UK and European patent attorney and patent attorney litigator.  She began her career with Mewburn Ellis, before moving through city law firms and back to patent attorney practices.  She is now a co-founder of Impact Intellectual Property LLP, which started in September 2021.

Her work includes advising clients on all forms of IP protection, from strategy and filing, through clearance, disputes and exploitation.

Vicki is chair of the Education Committee, member of Council and vice chair of the Internal Governance Committee.  She is also a member of the Litigation Committee, having chaired it for a while, and a member of the Patents Committee.  She is a contributor to the CIPA Guide to the Patents Act.  As chair of litigation committee, Vicki worked on the development of the UPC with the other UK and EU professions, which involved many meetings with the IPO and appearances in front of a select committee.

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The UPC – to be or not to be?

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