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Revision courses for the PEB 2022 exams

We are holding revision courses in May, June, July and August for the 2022 Patent Examination Board (PEB) Foundation Certificate (FC) and Final Diploma (FD) examinations. Most of the courses will be in person, but we do have some Zoom-based FC2, FC5, FD1 and FD3 courses.

The FC paper courses are between 28 June and 16 July. For the FD papers, we are offering a range of options, including two 2.5 day ‘split’ (two part) FD4 courses for those completely new to FD4.

  • 21 June to 26 August 2022: FD1, FD2, FD3 and FD4 revision courses for the Final Diploma papers.A variety of in person (in Milton Keynes) and Zoom-based options
  • 28 June to 16 July 2022: Revision courses for the Foundation Certificate papers FC1, FC3 and FC4 in person (in Milton Keynes) FC2 and FC5 Zoom-based
  • 25 August 2022: FD4 resitter 22/Z (in-person in Milton Keynes)
  • 14-15 November 2022: Papers A&B 23/E8 (in-person)
  • 16-17 November 2022: Paper C 23/E5 (in-person)
  • 18-19 November 2022: Paper D 23/E2 (in-person)
  • 28-29 November 2022: EQE Pre-exam 23/E1 (in-person)
  • 28-29 November 2022: Papers A&B 23/E9 or 23/E10 (in-person)
  • 30 November – 1 December 2022: Paper C 23/E6 (in-person 1.5 days)
  • 30 November – 1 December 2022: Paper D 23/E3 (in-person 1.5 days)
  • 1-2 December 2022: Paper C 23/E7 (in-person 1.5 days)
  • 1-2 December 2022: Paper D 23/E4 (in-person 1.5 days)

The in person courses will be held in Milton Keynes. If accommodation is not required the course fee will be reduced. We have an online Moodle resources forum to support the courses. There are discounts for the booking of five or more courses by a firm.

For further information, a leaflet and online booking, please visit or phone JDD Consultants at 01234 294049 / 07791 959630.

E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]


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