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epi Webinar – Keeping and retention of files

1 February 2023

epi | Webinar: Keeping and Retention of Files (

Speaker: Tim Powell (Potter Clarkson)

The correct handling and keeping of files and documents is an important area in which practicality, professionalism and knowledge of relevant regulations must be balanced in order to provide an efficient service to clients and instructing departments. In the modern era of electronic file keeping particular attention must be paid to topics such as document security, confidentiality, date stamping, receipt acknowledgements, file structures and organisation, permanence and inviolability of file contents and the duration of any file retention period.

Also of regular concern is the subject of efficient transfer of files in the event of a change of representation or assignment of rights; who has responsibility for paying any transfer costs incurred; acceptable timescales for file transfers; and whether files must be transferred intact and without modification.

In this webinar Tim Powell (GB, Member of the Professional Conduct Committee) and Thomas Pott (DE, Webinar Moderator, Member of the Professional Education Committee) will present guidance, rules information and suggestions on best practices under the above headings.

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