CIPA nominee Colorifix is shortlisted for £1 million Earthshot Prize

We’ve done it again! The 15 finalists of The Earthshot Prize 2023 were announced at an innovation summit in New York – and for the second year running CIPA has a nominee on the shortlist.

Colorifix, a client of Mathys and Squire, was named as one of the three finalists in the Build a Waste-Free World category. Colorifix has developed the first entirely biological process to produce, deposit and fix colour to textiles, removing petrochemicals and other harmful substances whilst saving significant water and energy.

The winners in each of five categories will receive £1 million at an awards ceremony in Singapore, in November. The categories are:

  • Build a Waste-Free World
  • Clean Our Air
  • Protect and Restore Nature
  • Revive Our Oceans
  • Fix Our Climate

Last year CIPA nominated three finalists: Notpla in Build a Waste Free World; Low Carbon Materials in Fix Our Climate and LanzaTech in Fix Our Climate. Notpla were announced as a £1M winner at the awards in Boston in December. Notpla and Low Carbon Materials are both clients of Potter Clarkson and LanzaTech is a client of JA Kemp.

Deputy Chief Executive Neil Lampert attended the summit, in New York, and caught up with Pierre Paslier, Co-Founder of Notpla, and Natasha Boulding, CEO of Low Carbon Materials.

Pierre was pleased to report that, since winning the Prize, Notpla has had its first patent granted, in the USA.

He said: “We have also filed a new patent covering some exciting new developments and are always looking to leverage patents to create value and to give us some defence in the market.”

Natasha said: “In the last 12 months we have filed two or three more patents. It’s absolutely key to our strategy because our ultimate aim is to license our technology. So having a robust IP strategy is essential. We are constantly thinking of ways to protect the next products that we create.”

Date published: 27 September 2023

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