Historic trade deal with Australia will encourage UK innovation

CIPA welcomes the announcement of a landmark trade deal with Australia and its intellectual property (IP) provisions which will support the UK economy by encouraging innovation and creativity.

We are pleased to see the commitment to protect UK brands and trade marks through a commitment to an equitable and correspondent approach to Geographical Indications (GIs). GIs are IP rights for products with qualities or characteristics attributable to a specific geographical origin. If Australia introduces bespoke GI schemes for spirits and agri-foods, the UK will be able to put forward GIs for potential protection subject to Australia’s legal procedures.

The Government has said that it will respect the UK’s important, existing international obligations on intellectual property in its trade negotiations and the agreement with Australia is fully in line with this commitment. We look forward to participating in the detailed review of the agreement.

CIPA fully supports the Government’s global trade ambitions and looks forward to future trade announcements which will further strengthen the UK’s position as a world leader in IP.

Date published: 17 December 2021

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