Season 8

A manifesto for industrial science with… Sharon Todd and Charlotte Crowhurst of the SCI

23 January 2024

How can we turn the political rhetoric about Britain becoming a science superpower into reality? Hosts Lee Davies and Gwilym Roberts speak with Sharon Todd, Chief Executive of the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) and Charlotte Crowhurst, Chartered Patent Attorney and Member of the SCI’s Board of Trustees, about accelerating science out of the lab. Unlike tech companies, which can often turn profits quickly, science businesses take a long time to develop and scale – and often need an extensive patent portfolio. The SCI has launched a manifesto calling for a more comprehensive, long-term commitment to support science start-ups and attract investment. If the Government grasps this, the SCI says there is an opportunity to generate an additional £230Bn GVA for the UK economy and 240,00 new jobs in the life science and cleantech sectors.

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