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HH Judge Hacon and IP Pro Bono

9 June 2020

You’ve discovered that someone has ripped off your patented product, copied your trade mark or breached your copyright. What now?

If your intellectual property has been infringed but you can’t afford to defend yourself in court, you need to apply to IP Pro Bono for help. The IP Pro Bono scheme offers free legal support to individuals and small firms involved in IP disputes who can’t afford to pay. His Honour Judge Hacon hears such cases in the UK’s pioneering Intellectual Property Enterprise Court.

Judge Hacon and IP Pro Bono’s Stephen Jones and Kate O’Rourke tell regular hosts Lee Davies and Gwilym Roberts how the court has been operating during the pandemic, how to apply for help and how interested lawyers can offer their services.

Published 9 June 2020


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