In Isolation With...

Intensive Care Society and Memcom

29 May 2020

Few have had a more stressful and exhausting time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic than members of the Intensive Care Society.

The Intensive Care Society has been working at the frontline of the crisis. Co-hosts Lee Davies and Gwilym Roberts chat with Sandy Mather, Chief Executive of the ICS, about the dreadful emotional and physical toll that dealing with the virus has exerted on her members. She thanks Lee for the advice and assistance that CIPA staff have given to her team on the delivery of webinars.

Joining them is Julian Smith of Memcom, the organisation behind the annual awards and conference for the membership sector. With CIPA’s main conferences moving online later this year, Julian gives his insight into Memcom’s online event next week. He and Gwilym also discuss the question of where intellectual property starts and finishes, including globalisation and the disappearance of borders.

If you wish to make a donation to support intensive care professionals visit the society’s donate page here.

Published 29 May 2020


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