Mental Health Awareness Week

25 May 2021

There’s a rogue pea in the pod! Past CIPA President and head of IP Inclusive Andrea Brewster is our guest host for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Lee and Andrea are joined by Mental Health consultant to Jonathan’s Voice, June Dent and Tim Fray from Loven Patents and Trademarks to talk about mental health in  IP. They talk about the work of Jonathan’s Voice in helping leaders look after their team’s mental health, what we get right or wrong when addressing wellbeing in the workplace, and the importance of feeling valued and listened to.

If you are struggling with your mental health here are some useful contacts:
[email protected]
Speaking out for Mental Health – Jonathan’s Voice
Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing – LawCare
Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy – Samaritans 
Struggling with addiction or mental health issues – Rehab 4 Addiction

Published 13 May 2021


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