A Practical Guide to Drafting Patents

A Practical Guide to Drafting Patents

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By Gwilym Roberts (2023)


Drafting patent applications is the foundation skill of the patent attorney and while every practitioner is critiqued and examined on the practice, there remains remarkably little positive written guidance on the topic. This book takes a highly practical approach to the art of creating a patent, starting by considering the various entities involved or affected, establishing the considerations relevant to each and then weighting and condensing the factors into a manageable set. These factors are then applied to a range of practical examples based on simple technology, guiding the attorney through the process of writing the various component parts of the patent.

Focusing on the ‘practical’ aspect, two key areas addressed are the detailed description requirements, and the mysterious art of writing the claims. In both cases, guidance is provided in the form of suggested structures and processes – again strangely lacking in the literature. The aim of the book is not to be an exam-passing tool, nor single-handedly to create a perfect drafter. It is designed to shed some light on this strange world for the external observer, and to accelerate the training and learning process for would-be attorneys.

Every attorney will, in time, develop their own style and approach, but the lessons here may help them become the finished article more quickly and with the benefit of a broad view of why, and how, we draft.

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‘A welcome and serious effort to demystify the exercise of drafting a patent and to offer concrete assistance to those with the job of describing in words something which may never have been described in words before, a wholly new and (hopefully) non-obvious invention.’ The Rt Hon Sir Colin Birss

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