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IP and Sustainability

Reinventing the concrete industry with patents

Cement is the most widely-used substance on Earth after water and is responsible for about 8% of planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions — far more than global emissions from air travel.

This problem is being addressed by Cambridge-based environmental engineer Dr Liz Zijing Li who has invented and patented an ingenious self-healing concrete technology that closes concrete cracks as soon as they open, mimicking the way the human body heals.

Her technology can both lengthen concrete lifetime and reduce the need for repair and replacement which reduces the amount of concrete used and, in turn, related carbon emissions.

Liz, who has been recognized as one of the UK’s top women entrepreneurs by the Innovate UK Women in Innovation Awards, works closely with UK Chartered Patent Attorney Joseph Simon-Brown to protect and commercialise her innovations.

00:48 Concrete: the most destructive material on Earth

01:09 Why it is a high business priority to consult a patent attorney

02:37 Using patents to attract investment and gain commercial advantage

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