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Diversity and Inclusion update

The CIPA staff have been reviewing the way they support the BAME communities within the IP industry.

We have realised that, while there has been progress with diversity in the sector, it needs to take a front seat in the way we think from now on.

In a special episode of CIPA’s podcast Two IPs In A Pod, Chief Executive Lee Davies and Honorary Secretary Gwilym Roberts talk with CIPA staff members Kathryn Espino, Kereiss Isles and Dwaine Hamilton about their personal experiences with racism and explore the challenges that they face on a daily basis.

We at CIPA HQ are no longer comfortable acting passively on this. The need to speak out and challenge others and ourselves is crucial in order for us to move forward, no matter how uncomfortable the conversation. It is then that we will find out what we can do individually and collectively to be better allies in diversity. Listen to the full podcast here.

CIPA is also actively working on other avenues of support. Lee has written an article for our new CIPA blog explaining his plans to increase opportunity and diversity across all the Institute’s activities. Read Lee’s article here. The article will also be featured in the July CIPA Journal. The CIPA staff have also started a Diversity & Inclusion group where they discuss current practice and issues which may impact our members and the wider IP community which require action.

We are committed to working with our staff and members in support of all people who are underrepresented in IP and we welcome feedback on ways in which we can widen opportunity and inclusion.

Date published: 1 July 2020

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